Saturday, May 30, 2009

...and the April Employee of the Month is...


Was there any doubt? Really, you walk into the Walmart that he works at, and you would think he was famous! People stop me as I am shopping and say to me, "Are you Al's wife?" and...."Your Al's wife, right? He is so nice." "We love working with Al!" The man has been loved at every job he works wonder he would rather work than retire with me. Like he says, he feels like a "hero" at work....I think I need to treat him better so he will want to retire with me . Gotta love the man! While I am bragging about him, I should tell you that he was a great student and I think I have heard him say he barely missed a day of school from first grade through college. I can tell you for a fact he only missed one day of work before he "retired" (except for when his mom passed away), and that was because I begged him to stay home with me one day! How on earth did this man get stuck with me for a wife? I guess I need to make him a plaque that says, Husband of the year - every year for the past 33 years! I love that man!
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