Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crafting with Cali

It's been a cold afternoon today. About 1:30 or 2 pm it started to snow - nice pretty wet, Oregon type snow. It didn't stick, but I definately knew it was time to stay home and snuggle in. I've had either my heating blanket covering my legs or I've been setting by the fire. The girls and I have watched TV while Kesch worked on getting her pictures into albums - and it was definately a lot of work. Zaide is having breathing problems, and has a little fever. Maisy seems to have cabin fever today. Cali and I escaped into her bedroom to do some crafts.

The picture on the left is of a braided bookmark that Cali taught me to make; and the one on the right is the yarn cutter that I use for crocheting.

Cali and I worked together to make this memory necklace to wear with this pink blouse!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cali "Miss Slamma Jamma" the Basketball Queen

I'd like to tell you that I am spending a lot of quality time with Miss Slamma Jamma, but she is out with the guyz shootin' hoops! She loves most sports and can keep up with the best of the boyz! I kid you not!

Cool Jeans

Kesch made these cool jeans for Maisy's b-day. They are just perfect for Maisy - TOTALLY her style!

Girls can beTechno-Geeks too!

Maisy is my little Techno-Geek. She loves anything that has to do with modern day technology! She loves computer games, X-box games, Movies, music, and has really good math skills. A new discovery this week-end is that Maisy also is interested in the Twilight Saga. She was on a bike ride with her dad, and he said she kept looking at him. He said, "why are you looking at me like that?" She said, "Because I think you look like Edward!" How cute is that! Maisy and I spent some time hanging out doing a Math game on her computer. We also looked through the Twilight Movie Companion. Most of the things that I do with Maisy are quiet games. We like to play dress up of her dolls and play quietly. I think one of the most exciting things I've done with Maisy this so far this week is have her read to me. The last time I was here she didn't seem to want to read at all, but this week she is really showing signs of being a really good reader! Maisy is really into the Tinkerbell series, Doll People, The Meanest Doll on Earth and the Junie B Jones books. She also loves fashion, and so, you can see a picture of her in her "New" Jeans her mom made for her birthday!

Gardening with my ZeeCat

Zaide and Cali came home from Breakout with flowerpots last night. Denise gave them a couple so that they could plant this some seeds for spring. So, Zaide and I planted spinach this morning. It was a fun project, because first we colored the pictures on the planter, and then we filled it with moist dirt, poked holes in the soil and planted seeds, covered the seeds with dirt and then she sprayed the dirt with water. She is an excellent little gardener! After we got done, she took pictures of me and the fish! So those two pictures she took - not bad, eh?
I know, I know, I didn't comb my hair when I got up this morning - because with Zee, you just wake right up and get busy with the days work that she has planned out - and trust me, she does indeed have plans for the entire day - the girl doesn't stop talking!!! No complaints from me though...I love it!These are her fish - named Tom and Jerry!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Birthdays - Zaide and Maisy

The video shows Maisy's outfit and Zaide's bouncing ball both gifts from Andrea.
The girls love their gifts from Auntie, and wanted to show them off on the camera so that Auntie could see how much they love them:) I'm really enjoying my stay's so fun to be around the girls. Kesch and I laughed last night until Dale got up and shut the door...which of course made us giggle even louder.

Maisy"s Birthday

I arrived in Eugene, after riding the train for 12 hours. It's Maisy's birthday, but she is one sick little girl! She's got this congested cough, but she was determined to meet Grammy at the train station. I was so happy to see the girls. Zaide and Maisy walked over in the rain to greet me, while Dale grabbed up my luggage and Kesch took pictures. It's all I can do to hold my tears in, as I so miss the girls when I am in California. My heart is tugged between California and Oregon, that is for sure! After arriving, Kesch and the girls and I went shopping at WAlmart to pick up a few things. While we were shopping we saw Amy, and talked about Twilight. Then we headed home for a cozy birthday celebration with cupcakes and birthday songs.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Relaxing on Sunday Afternoon

We got up this morning and went to breakfast at Sweet Tomatoes. It's a great salad bar with soup and breads. On Sunday mornings they do a breakfast bar, and my DH loves it! I'm not really big on buffets, but this is a good way to deal with his appetite on Sunday mornings, and I get a chance to eat my favorite salad tastes!

After we went to breakfast, we met up at Andrea and Tracy's house and Andrea and I took off to Ultra's to get a haircut for her. While we were there, I decided to go ahead and get one too, that way I wouldn't be wasting time at the salon instead of hanging out with Kesch and the girls when I visit Oregon.

Tracy invited Al and I to hang out and wait for dinner at their house - fillet Mignon - BBQ by Tracy - oh num num! Andrea marinated it in something over night and Tracy BBQ'd it. It was fabulous! While I was there, I caught up all my laundry so that Al has a week of clean clothes while I am gone. Here are some pictures of how the Zoobies relax while Grammy and Papa hang out after dinner.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Retired - A New Life

We retired last year, and are now living in California. It's not the place that I thought I would ever want to live, but there is a method to my husbands madness. He went back to work....short lived retirement, eh? So, I travel between Oregon and California. Why? Well, my three sparkling grandgirls are in Oregon with my oldest beautiful daughter and her handsome husband; and my three macho-man grandsons live in California with my youngest beautiful daughter and her handsome husband. So, that leaves me traveling between the two residents grappling with the ideea that someday we might be able to live within a few short miles of one another someday soon. In the meantime, I'll take a train, plane or automobile to be able to spend a little time with them.